Chapter 7. Encoding with MEncoder

7.1. Making a high quality MPEG-4 ("DivX") rip of a DVD movie
7.1.1. Preparing to encode: Identifying source material and framerate Identifying source framerate Identifying source material
7.1.2. Constant quantizer vs. multipass
7.1.3. Constraints for efficient encoding
7.1.4. Cropping and Scaling
7.1.5. Choosing resolution and bitrate Computing the resolution
7.1.6. Filtering
7.1.7. Interlacing and Telecine
7.1.8. Encoding interlaced video
7.1.9. Notes on Audio/Video synchronization
7.1.10. Choosing the video codec
7.1.11. Audio
7.1.12. Muxing Improving muxing and A/V sync reliability Limitations of the AVI container Muxing into the Matroska container
7.2. How to deal with telecine and interlacing within NTSC DVDs
7.2.1. Introduction
7.2.2. How to tell what type of video you have Progressive Telecined Interlaced Mixed progressive and telecine Mixed progressive and interlaced
7.2.3. How to encode each category Progressive Telecined Interlaced Mixed progressive and telecine Mixed progressive and interlaced
7.2.4. Footnotes
7.3. Encoding with the libavcodec codec family
7.3.1. libavcodec's video codecs
7.3.2. libavcodec's audio codecs PCM/ADPCM format supplementary table
7.3.3. Encoding options of libavcodec
7.3.4. Encoding setting examples
7.3.5. Custom inter/intra matrices
7.3.6. Example
7.4. Encoding with the Xvid codec
7.4.1. What options should I use to get the best results?
7.4.2. Encoding options of Xvid
7.4.3. Encoding profiles
7.4.4. Encoding setting examples
7.5. Encoding with the x264 codec
7.5.1. Encoding options of x264 Introduction Options which primarily affect speed and quality Options pertaining to miscellaneous preferences
7.5.2. Encoding setting examples
7.6. Encoding with the Video For Windows codec family
7.6.1. Video for Windows supported codecs
7.6.2. Using vfw2menc to create a codec settings file.
7.7. Using MEncoder to create QuickTime-compatible files
7.7.1. Why would one want to produce QuickTime-compatible Files?
7.7.2. QuickTime 7 limitations
7.7.3. Cropping
7.7.4. Scaling
7.7.5. A/V sync
7.7.6. Bitrate
7.7.7. Encoding example
7.7.8. Remuxing as MP4
7.7.9. Adding metadata tags
7.8. Using MEncoder to create VCD/SVCD/DVD-compliant files
7.8.1. Format Constraints Format Constraints GOP Size Constraints Bitrate Constraints
7.8.2. Output Options Aspect Ratio Maintaining A/V sync Sample Rate Conversion
7.8.3. Using libavcodec for VCD/SVCD/DVD Encoding Introduction lavcopts Examples Advanced Options
7.8.4. Encoding Audio toolame twolame libavcodec
7.8.5. Putting it all Together PAL DVD NTSC DVD PAL AVI Containing AC-3 Audio to DVD NTSC AVI Containing AC-3 Audio to DVD PAL SVCD NTSC SVCD PAL VCD NTSC VCD